Powered by Anytime Fitness, Ageless Fitness specializes in slowing down the aging process for clients 50 and older. Our Certified Functional Aging Specialists improve health and wellness, and most importantly, assist aging adults to maintain their independence as they age.
Join our 7 day Longevity & Strength Program

With our Ageless Fitness program, we will help you grow in:






Cognitive Emotional

Value $350+ for ONLY $89

This is a No Commitment, Introductory offer

  • InBody Scan: Un-covers imbalances to create a customized program for you!
    *$49 value
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Enhance stability, reduce falls, improve function and mobility.
    *$49 value
  • ​Gym Access: 7 Days UNLIMITED access *$50 Value
  • MyZone HR belt: Yours to keep! Yours to keep! Instant feedback, exercise SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.
    *$99 value
  • Coaching: 7 days working with a Functional Aging Specialist in our AGELESS program
    *$125 value
We Are Ageless Fitness
At Ageless Fitness, we make every workout physically challenging, and FUN! As you age, healthy activities such as walking and hiking simply aren't enough to alter your aging trajectory.

Bone density, muscle retention, balance, spatial awareness and coordination are areas of fitness that we specialize in.
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